About us

About Yacoline.com


What are you up to?


We’re working on building a video community that you’ll love like your own son. Yacoline lets you upload videos , Youtube is our model . Also, the community upvotes good public videos, so the best rise to the top. Keep in with us .


Cool, how's it going?


Well! We think. We’re doing good, we already gained members and visitors.


How does yacoline work?


Upload your videos , which can be shared or embedded anywhere. Great videos on Yacoline also get upvoted and featured, increasing your audience.


What’s a "network"?


A network is a collection of videos related to a specific topic, like “Education” or “Crazy Talented” that the community — i.e. humans like you — can vote on. The best and freshest videos will rise to the top. This is a new experiment on Yacoline, so we’ll be making frequent changes to how this works. Want to suggest a network, help moderate one, or suggest some other improvements? Let us know!


Um, so how’s this different from YouTube and Vimeo?


Optional accounts. Yacoline lets you experiment, test new ideas, and express yourself freely.


Simplest upload ever. try it!


Networks. Everyone can post videos to networks, but the community decides how they rank and what hits the frontpage. Have a network idea in mind and want to run it? Let us know.


Anti-censorship. We believe that free expression is a fundamental right, but being  abusive is not.


Creators first. We do everything we can to promote creative content and the people that work hard to make it.


Who are you?


We’re a small team of engineers and time-traveling cosmonauts in USA who love videos and the people that make them. Follow us on facebook.


How do I upload videos?


You can upload videos with your iPhone, Android Phone,Tablet, or right here on the website.


How do I edit or delete my videos?


Start by creating an account before you upload videos. Accounts are 100% optional, but having one means you’ll have easy access to manage your videos anytime. .


Are there any upload limits?


With an account, you can upload 250MB videos . Your videos can play back in HD unless they're NSFW.


What types of videos do you accept?


Basically any playable video file should work. If you're trying to upload a video and it's not working, please let us know.


How can I contact you?


Have a question, suggestion, or just want to say hello? send an email ( yacolinecom@gmail.com ). We'd love to hear from you :) .