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Can’t give up cheese? This is the real price of milk: face the truth!

Published on 06/08/16 / In Pets & Animals

Can’t give up cheese? This is the real price of milk: face the truth! rnrnYou buy a lot of cruelty in a supermarket, IT IS TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES!rnrnBehind nearly every glass of milk and slice of cheese there is a story of extreme animal cruelty and exploitation!rnrnCow’s milk can never be obtained without immense cruelty. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated on what the industry calls the “rape rack” every year. Immediately after giving birth, the mother cow has her calf dragged away from her so that he or she does not drink her milk. The mother cow shows clear signs of mourning her loss including bellowing, hiding in dark places, not eating or drinking, pacing, and more. If the calf is male, he is immediately chained by the neck in a 2-ft wide crate, so small that he can’t turn around, stretch his limbs, or lie down comfortably. There he spends his entire short life being fed an anemic diet, just to be slaughtered at only a few months of age for veal. If the calf is female, she is raised to be a dairy cow like her mother.rnrnWAKE UP PEOPLE!rnrnVideo: via Animal Australia/ New Zealand SAFE and FarmwatchrnrnThe best way to help cows in the dairy industry is to simply choose vegan alternatives to milk, cheese, and ice cream.

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